From the bottle

Dear Tara,

It hurts me to see you struggle with the bottle. I am so sorry to introduce you to the bottle this early. But as the legend goes, you will fight it even more if I delay it. I wish you knew that the contents of the bottle are just the same and that’s what matters. But for now, you hate the bottle.

 Well I should not say that. We have tried it six times so far and you took it like a champ four of those six times. Hmm.. may be I should not feel that bad. In fact you were such a pro at it the first time that we got the confidence to pursue more.

It is so heart warming when you look at me with those innocent eyes while Nani struggles to feed you from the bottle. It is also very depressing to see you waste the milk some times since it really does take some effort to pump and prepare those bottles for you. Over all it has been really hard on me. I put up a brave and stubborn face in front of Nani and Papa, but truth is I am crying rivers on the inside.

Mom won’t always be around and so you will have to give in to the fight. For your own good.  But for now we both will be crying rivers for another week. (Well to be fair, you don’t drop a single tear.. haha :P)

In hindsight, you have begun to recognize my smell and it is pretty cute to observe your behavior changing when I come around. We are about to share a beautiful relationship. I am so glad I will get to enjoy it for a few months more before we start day care for you. Oh well I won’t even think about it for now… or we might have to prepare for a flood emergency.


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