almost a month..

Dear Tara,

What an insane hour to write. But I have to … Some things has been simmering within me that I want to share with you.

 It has almost been a month since you came into our lives and oh my what a lovely month it has been. When I look back at the last 30 days and 30 nights – I don’t feel any sense of exhaustion. Just a lot of grinning, some worrying and lots of cuddling 🙂 Except for the night that we brought you home when we ended up over stimulating you and ourselves, I cannot point out a single day (or night) that stands out to be exceptionally challenging. You are a good kid! And we are learning more and more about you each day.

You can only communicate to us through your crying, at least for a few more weeks.. and once I nailed that in my mind it does not panic me any more. When you cry, I switch to troubleshooting mode and work my way up from there. And most of the times a mother’s intuition serves her right. And even though one can do things as prescribed, there is always more fun to dabble your way into things. I wonder if Dad feels that way. This might just be a very Mommy thingy 😀

Tara you should know that you are lucky to have an A team to take care of you. Your Nani, your Dad and moi are on our toes trying to make your fourth trimester (thats how I want to refer to the first three months of your life) a comfortable one. I often think of the kids who grow up in less fortunate families, or for that matter without any families. I am sure they find a way to thrive. But we should always be thankful in our life, especially about things that can easily be taken for granted.

So basically – Nani makes sure Dad and I are taken care of. Dad makes sure I am taken care of and Nani gets all she needs to do her job. And I make sure you are taken care of. Of course Dad and Nani also take care of you in all ways that they can. Dad is the official diaper changer and Nani is the go-to soother when nothing else works. But pretty much that’s the break up of work that we are dealing with. Of course I have this other role too. The orchestrater. There are loads of things to take care of around the house. And they were magically being taken care of all these years. Now if I have to focus my energy on you, I need to at least delegate and plan the peripheral logistics. It is a role similar to that of a project manager – making sure the budget, scope and resources are all optimally utilized to achieve the objectives of the project.  Bottomline – keep the machinery running 😀

Thanks to things like Google Shopping Express and Instacart and Apple iMessages I sit in your nursery with you perched upon my shoulder and make sure that we are never out of bread and milk and groceries, and that we don’t suddenly run out of toilet paper and most importantly that everyone gets to take their break time – Nani with her walks and Dad with his coffee 🙂 

Most of these thoughts will fade from my memory as I make more memories with you. Before that, just want you to know that you are blessed with a loving family. And so am I 🙂 So thank you to everyone who made your first month a breezer. 
On a side note. 

Very soon I will share my virtue list with you. Well there is a long story to this list, but just know that it took me a long time to compile it and I wanted to wrap it up and put a bow on it and give it to you, but oh well I did not get to it in due time and here I am…But here is a teaser –

There will be several occasions in your life when you will feel that people around you are judging you. Let it be.

Don’t stop being who you are in order to fit an image of how people want to see you. Stay true to yourself and rest is all perception that you have no control over.

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