Welcome Tara

Ah Mom is more than a week late in welcoming you on this blog. But of course that’s because you have been keeping her on her toes. Ok so let us begin…

Welcome Tara Brahma, born on Nov 26, 2014 at 3:12 am, after her parents gave her an ultimatum that she needs to be out by 3:00am since even Dad sleeps by that time. And the nurse Erin, who took such good care of Mommy while she was Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, was scheduled to go for a break at 3:00am. I don’t see any point in revealing your birth weight and height and have never found out why people do that. Fact is you are here.. and we will make you thrive, up until it is time for your thrive on your own.

Tara, your Mom had no clue what was going to happen when she and Dad, left Nani at home and drove to the hospital. We laughed about the fact that I was pretty much hopping my way to the labour and delivery unit. Once we were there, the warmth of the nurses at the hospital, put Mom at ease and Dad and Mum settled into what was going to be our home for the next 30 hours. Of course that was not the plan to begin with.

Without going too much into details, Mom and Dad opted for induction of labor instead of waiting for due date to pass (which was likely going to happen), since that was the only chance for us to have a normal delivery. If we had passed the due date, due to Mom’s blessing in disguise – gestational diabetes, a c-section delivery was going to be inevitable (or let’s just say the chances were higher). So we opted for induction. Little did we know that Mum’s body had different plans. All the methods ever used to induce labor medically were deployed and yet 26 hours passed and we were no where close to seeing you. But finally the scene changed in less than 4 hours and you arrived at 3:12am.

A lot happened in these 30 hours. Mom got her GO team ready, Nani opted to stay at home by herself, Dad picked up a book from the library at the hospital and Mom and Dad took long walks around the L&D unit, giggling away, with Mom barely able to walk when contractions came. People looked at us, amused. But you know Daddy, or you soon will. He didn’t bother. He read out some of the funniest grammatically incorrect one liners to Mom while she battled pain. And we snacked and ate and chatted away with the nurses. We kept Nani and everyone in India informed and waited for you.

Finally the pain threshold crossed its mark and I asked for a magic drug called epidural. We were lucky and a fellow at Stanford administered the anesthesia. Things turned green again and Mom resumed some strength. Let me share something with you here – it is a lil sorrowful, but as you will learn very soon, life is a mix of emotions and we need to prepared to handle all and any at every point.

When Mom used to hear labor stories from friends, relatives and others she used to get a little scared. But she always told her self this one little secret. Mom had already withstood the pain of losing her favorite person in this world, and hence she was confident that the joy of bringing you in this world will be enough to overcome the pain associated with labor. I had set a very very high bar for myself and I kept looking at that bar and told myself that I will be able to do it. And like always, I did it. I admit I am not modest. But I am really proud of what I did in those 30 hours.

I have so many choice quotes from the 30 hours we spent in the L&D room and I will make sure I share them with you. But I want you to know that I will always look back at those hours to be the most rewarding and the most magical hours of my life. I will look back at that time with fondness and gratitude for all the nurses – Heidi, Sally, Erin, Sarah, Jeanine, Jackie, Ling and my OB, Dr Karen Shin at PAMF Los Altos. And above all, your wonderful Dad who was my knight in shining armor (no literally…) all through. He was the best friend and best companion one could have asked for during those hours and he continues to be that even now.

Once you were here, I did not cry. Yes I want to record that as a fact. I was overjoyed and a little shocked seeing the little butterfly that was fluttering all this while in my womb. But I did not cry. Your Mom is brave. And you will be too. We don’t cry – we endure and we celebrate!

Three cheers to endurance and celebration..

Uh oh.. gotta go now, the lawn mowers are here and you don’t like the noise they are making.. Off I go..


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