Dear Tara, 

Dad and I went to watch Interstellar yesterday. Let me just tell you this right now – dad and mom are both die hard Nolan fans and we will make sure you watch all his movies. No matter when that is – we will ensure you are Nolanized ;))

The movie is a lot about irrational fears of the human kind. It can also be seen as a father-daughter movie. At least I saw it that way.. And I am very glad that this will most definitely be the last movie Dad and I will see in the theaters before you bless our lives. 
Dad’s usually love to see their daughters as strong, brave, tinkering kinds. It is just natural for them to find themselves in their offspring. But like I have always said, your dad is one of his kind. On a few occasions he has shared how much he would love for you to be a doctor. Be there to help save lives and find some meaning in what you will do every day. I like the thought. I love all his thoughts. They are very pure. You will someday feel that for yourself too 🙂
I won’t ever share with you what I’d want you to be. Because you might judge me on that. More than you, others might judge me. So all I will say is that I want you to be a kind and affectionate human. It is not easy to be one or find one in today’s world. Yup – we have already reached that point honey. It is just how it is. 
Kindness and being human are some times seen as signs of weakness. And I will spend my life shadowing you from the people who will make you feel that way. If at all there is one thing you’d rather choose to be – just be human enough! 
Until tomorrow?! 

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