Mama Bear

Dear Tara,

You did really well at the NST today. We were in and out in less than 30min. Well of course we got a lil late going in thanks to the silly “young” and obviously rich college student who thinks she can pay off for her mistakes by offering your Dad $3000 in cash.

Anyways, the incident will forever remain engrained in your Mom’s memory. And the reason is not the audacity or rather the foolishness of the “young” college student, but because it was the first time someone tried to hurt my child. I know it was not her intention to do that. But that’s how my mommy heart received it anyways. I went wild over her immaturity and like a mama bear who was all so protective with her baby cubs in Denali, I observed how voracious I can be if someone tries to hurt my child.

It was an awakening for me. A very different sort of awakening. And of course “this”is what I will have to learn to avoid too. But let me have it while I can. I know I will not be able to protect you from all evil, but I will do my best. You can be rest assured of that.

I am glad you were so brave through the whole incident and did not let any of my surge of emotions impact you. I know you will be  strong and independent child. I know I will be able to count on you..


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