Sunday Review

Dear Tara,

Sorry could not write to you yesterday… Nani came yesterday and I was going all nuts about it… But I did steal a moment from the day and wonder if some day I will also fly somewhere to come see you. To help you through something for which you really really need me for. It will be a very beautiful feeling I am sure.

I am having a fabulous morning..Today’s Sunday Review is full of amazing write ups that are stirring a whirlwind of emotions within me. You will very soon realize what a bundle of loose and fragile emotions your Mom is. But hopefully you will also realize that to keep them under check and in a protective shell is equally important. And over time I have learnt to do that pretty well.

I would love it if you read these two articles some day.. the Mom one will probably explain why I ended up being the Mom that I do end up being..

And second one..May be it is too soon to reveal, but your Mom will probably die with the regret that she had to grow up too soon. I hope some day I can tell you more about this. But that’s the story of my life as per me in one sentence, “At no point in my life was I living the age that I ought to.” If there was just one thing I could ask for you that will be that, “may you live your age to the fullest”.

I came down to make myself a cup of tea and now I am waiting for Dad and Nani to wake up … in the meanwhile I will continue to read some more and ponder some more.

until tomorrow


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