Sichuan granny!

Dear Tara,

We dined at Da Sichuan today. It is our very very favorite Sichuan restaurant that we accidentally ran into and it is one of our most frequented ones in the Bay Area. 

The restaurant is run by a very adorable couple who are like family to me. Yeah you will hear me say that a lot. 
In the land where we choose to live, we don’t have much family around and so I seek those relationships around me. It is one of those ways of dealing with the loneliness that a life in the US throws at us immigrants.
So back to your Sichuan granny who has known about your arrival, even before your real granny. I needed to know what fish she uses in her recipes so I could eat it throughout my pregnancy without worrying about the Mercury – and thus Sichuan granny guessed our secret even before we were ready to share it with anyone else :))
She asked about you today and asked me to take good care. Chances are the next time we eat here, you will be with us. Dad seemed very delighted about this and shared the thought with Sichuan granny too.. He does not share such thoughts with people so easily – so well yes, granny holds a special place in his heart too.
Well I hope the food was not too spicy for you. You have to eventually get used to it anyways ;))
We were celebrating Dad’s big news today..
Nani will be boarding her flight to the US tonight. Hope all goes well with her trip. 
Until tomorrow

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