walk to fetch a green pepper :D

Dear Tara,

Today was a pretty active day for both of us. So sorry about the bad breakfast options. I was so worked up about booking Nani’s round trip ticket that I munched on whatever I could lay my hands on. But hopefully we made up for lunch and dinner 🙂

The walk to fetch a green pepper was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the sun and my slow paced walk. One tends to observe so much more when you are walking slowly.

Of course it was a big day for Dad and hence we had to make it special for him. And as you will soon realize, there is only one way that your Mom knows how to make someone feel special – cook for them 😀 And I do plan to cook a lot for you too. Cooking gives me immense joy and I love the moments I spend with my ingredients in the aisles of the grocery store and at home when I queue everything up before I begin cooking.. I hope you also enjoy cooking.. it is a very different type of nirvana and I understand that not everyone is into it..no pressure 😛

The OB visit was smooth and although you seemed a lil sleepy, we faired well together. Looks like we will be seeing each other in the next three weeks 😀 Woooohoo!

Lots of activity today and over three miles of walking put together. Not bad…we keep getting better at this.


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