Travel with you

Dear Tara, 
I am such a crazy FTM. This morning I spent some time looking for infant friendly travel destinations for all of us for your first year. I mean – you are not even here yet and I have begun my planning. I will stop for now and not spend any more time on this topic at least until January. I promise.
Travel comes close to food in this family. Your dad and I have traveled quite a lot in the last seven years. And we have thoroughly enjoyed our two-some years. Now it’s time for some fun planning our travel around you and your quirky needs. I am pretty excited although dad is a little bit skeptical. We will build his confidence over time.. don’t you worry 🙂
Of course Mum has exhausted all her points and miles by now so we need to be a little stingy with our plans. She used to have a job that demanded a lot of travel. She quit that almost three years ago. Needless to say she loved that job and the travels perks it brought along with it. Regardless, we do intend to take at least a trip each quarter and balance between – getaway, India, international travel, some domestic travel and national parks. That way we will have something fun to plan every three months or so 🙂
Let’s see how these plans materialize
Until tomorrow ..

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