Chicken chapli kebab

On our anniversary night we usually go out for dinner. The ritual makes sure no one has to work in the kitchen that night. But the eve of the anniversary is always special.. 

One because we start getting warm wishes from loved ones in India 🙂 and two because I get an opportunity to express my self in the kitchen. Nothing gives me more joy than mastering a new dish. And I usually keep one in mind for the eve of our anniversary. 

The reason for this ritual is because on the eve of my wedding; I was actually cooking to relieve myself of the stress the next day was going to bring. We could have catered food in for the handful of friends and family members who were flying in the next day; but I preferred to cook rajma chawal for everyone 🙂 we also had some folks over the night before and I had actually tried a new dish – coconut curry chicken that was enjoyed by all. And thus the tradition continues..

Minced chicken – 1 pound
Garlic paste – 1 tbsp
Ginger paste – 1 tbsp
Cumin powder
Red chili powder
Coriander powder
Garam masala
Fresh green chilies – finely chopped
Fresh coriander – finely chopped
Onions – 1/2 finely chopped
Marinate overnight
Beat an egg for coating
Bread crumbs to roll the kebab in.
Mix all ingredients and make ball shaped patties. Flatten them out and roll in egg and then in bread crumbs
Fry in a shallow frying pan with little oil.
Serve with green chilies and coriander chutney and lots of onions.

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