Year in review – 2013

Obviously I won’t let the year go down without my yays and nays of 2013. So let’s get straight to them.
Our year was divided into two  halves. The first half was primarily travel 🙂 and the second half was primarily family time :))))
So the big yay of 2013 was the amazing time we spent with our families. Having them around reminds you of where you belong. Instead of seeking something out all the time in the life we live as an immigrant, we were simply enjoying who we are. It is like therapy. 
Another yay was my personal training program that helped me overcome a a longstanding fear of being coached in a private setting. I loved having a coach who helped me push my limits. He helped me build a foundation and then we built on top of that. I made consistent progress with him on building my core and my stamina and the best thing was our goal was not to fit in a certain size dress. The goal was to feel fit and push myself. 
Work was quite yay throughout the year. I got the project I wanted and I spent the year working with some of the smartest and most motivated people I have ever known. We are the A team – glory or gore, we are together. 
I also got my fastest promotion till date and I am now a Product Manager. Woohoo to that!
Health awareness was another goal that Agam and I targeted towards. We became more aware of our food choices, home cooking and picking the right meals at the right time.
Travel scene was quite good – we did a lot of four day getaways on the west coast and particularly enjoyed San Juan islands. This was also the year of two Hawaii trips :). Yeah, that’s not going to happen again.
I got an extended winter break from work. Another one time wonder 🙂
“Now for some Nays”
In spite of being so close, the dates for green card retrogressed and we did not make it this year.
I missed an opportunity to travel to Switzerland,Singapore and Tokyo for work due to my immigration status.
My commute to work is pretty long. And this is in spite of the shuttle service. Yeah that does cast a shadow. I spend almost 3 hours if not more on a bus. I get work done. But that elongates my work day and I am super exhausted by the end of it. But I still love going to SF every day. Yeah so it’s kind of a mixed bag.
I turned thirty!!
I guess that’s it. Once again I’ve managed to outweigh the nays with the yays! It was a jolly good year for me.
And now on the next one. Welcome 2014

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