Healthy talks!

The human body is quite an interesting thing. I am going to focus a little bit more on it for next few weeks. In general, I am not much of a health freak. I love eating. I love cooking. I love trying out all sorts of new cuisines and I almost never think too hard about the impact of the food I am consuming on my body. Alright alright..why this philo talks about the body? Well because today I heard from it after a very long time. Yay!

While doing my upper body weight reps I almost cried in pain and discomfort and my body resisted it quite a lot. It was like a curse coming straight at me every second. I felt as if a hundred needles were being pinned on my arms all at once. It was as if any moment my muscles will crumble and  I will collapse.

But none of that happened. I finished the reps. All of them. And as I was walking out of the gym my body spoke to me. It said, “You know it when you are giving in your best. Don’t you?”.

A pause, a silent walk and then some more thinking followed. And I realized how my entire day I was just giving my best and in the end my body acknowledged it. What a lovely feeling. I don’t need anyone else to acknowledge that I am doing well. I can just tune into station ‘self’ and it will tell me the truth.

Agam and I often discuss this topic. I am motivated by appreciation. I drive on phrases like, “you’ve been kicking some ass these days”. I really do. I know how immature right? But I do. And you know what I think it was how I was raised. And also my generation is the most trophied generation anyways. So what the heck!

But I really don’t need to wait for someone to actually utter these words. I know I am kicking ass, when I am really doing it!

Might be so obvious to everyone else. But I learn only one way – by experiencing it!

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