Top of mind

At work we often talk about top of minds for a given week, month or quarter. But I am going to extend that to my personal life. Of course at any given time I have several things on the top of my mind (imagining a layered brain with some trees growing at the top). May be if I write it down that will be a good way to keep my focus and stay committed. So here is my top of mind for next two weeks –

  1.  Mom (she will be here on Thursday :)) I want some quality “us” time with her. 
  2.  Health (too much binging with da family.. now time to cut down and be regimented)
  3. Work ( there are too many lose ends that I want to tie together, but I am not getting the bandwidth to do that. I have to have a better control over this situation. It might mean a lil longer hours)
  4. Stanford Course – Managing with Authority. I have to finish my lectures by mid August. No procrastination. Something’s gotta give. And more so, I need that learning on my current project.
  5. I (me myself and shivi) – some equations have changed and a balancing act is required. I need to clean up some lingering thoughts in my mind, wrap them and either trash them or learn something from them and keep the essence. But the worst thing will be to just “let it go” and not take any corrective action.

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