I have been wanting to write a little every day and what better day than today to start this ritual.  You may ask why? What so special about today? Well, because this day is as good as any other.

I used to write more regularly than I have been in the last few years. But somehow life caught up on me and I started lagging behind. But I adopted a ritual to write about my travels and of course use the blog as my means to get over things that trouble me from time to time. Trouble is perhaps the wrong word. Lets just say that if something has been on my mind long enough, then the only way I can resolve it is by writing. It is a very clean and blissful way of cleaning the cobwebs of your mind. Try it.
So what is the point of this blog? Well to begin with I will write a little every day. I live a very interesting life. Or so I think. And since I cannot really write fiction, I only have my stories from the day to write about and enhance my skill. So instead of those long facebook posts or google + notes, I will write here. Just like my other blogs, this will be open to the world, to comment, critique or subscribe. 
Today we begin!

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