Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

So we both have been quite sick lately and I have been telling Agam how every evening I want something really hot and warm to kick off the blues of this cold. Yesterday I made some aloo bhajiyas to kick the cold’s ass, but today we decided to do soup.

I have been working from home so I don’t spread any germs, so I could get to the cooking as soon as I wrapped up work. Here is what is needed


Chicken Drumsticks – 4 medium size
Bay leaf
Garlic – Minced 5-6 cloves
Onions – Diced really small 1 small
Carrot –  1 Diced really small

Take a pressure cooker and heat some olive oil in it.
Add the bay leaf and garlic, after some time, add the onions,
Don’t cook the onions all the way through. Now add carrots and cook along with the onions. Cook until onion turns a little dark pink.
Add the drumsticks and 8 cups water
Add salt and black pepper to taste.
Now wait for the whistle….after 6-8 whistles, switch off the gas

Use a sieve to drain the broth from this
The chicken will be almost out of the bone, so toss the bones and shred the chicken if it is chunky.
Keep this shredded chicken (along with the cooked onion, carrots and other good stuff)


Now take another container and add the broth (made above)
Add 1 8oz can of Sweet Corn Cream Style
Add 1 8oz can of Whole Corn kernels
Now let the whole thing boil and make sure the corn kernels become a lil soft
Now add the shredded chicken to this (not all, since that will make it too busy)
Stir in some black pepper and let the soup boil
Beat 2 eggs lightly and take a tea strainer, and pour the beaten egg over the strainer, to make flakes in your soup. Make sure the gas is high so the egg cooks as soon as it comes in contact with the soup.
Bring the soup to a boil and add some corn starch (dissolved in water) to this and turn off the gas
Add a lot of spring onions to this fix and serve hot hot!!

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