The year that was … 2012!

I love my rituals. Daily, monthly, yearly, India, bday… yada yada yada..I have rituals for everything. We are at San Francisco International Airport waiting for our delayed flight. So what better way to spend time, but to fulfill my last ritual of the year – posting my reflections on the past year.


  1. We bought our cozy little nest.
  2. I quit consulting. For those in doubt, I was tired of traveling. I was also emotionally exhausted. Consulting made me a sharp woman, but a lonely one. All I can say is that  all this while I knew that there will be a day when I will get up and not want to do it anymore. And that day came, and I obeyed my destiny.
  3. I joined Salesforce. It is a FUN place to be. And I am loving it.
  4. I learnt cycling.
  5. I learnt (or at least tried) swimming.
  6. I started my exploration of the Bhagwad Gita.
  7. I went to India twice 🙂 Yep that’s a big one for me 🙂
  8. We attended a lovely family wedding in Guwahati. It was great way to spend quality time with the near and dear ones.
  9. We enjoyed a lovely family vacation in Kerala. A perfect getaway from the usual stuff one does when visiting India.
  10. We planned a surprise bday party for Papa and we did surprise him 🙂
  11. My nieces started speaking to me over the phone. Oh I love hearing their voices.
  12. We are visiting London and Amsterdam for Xmas and NY’s. Hola Queen.. here we come!
  13. Thanks to my train travels, I read a lot of books in 2012. Fell in love with Murakami, read my first Fitzgerald, enjoyed Easwaran and many many others.
  14. I resumed my APM course at Stanford. This time with some help from Salesforce.

And for the Nays!

  1. We lost Baba. Although I never shared more than a few words, I have come to learn so much about him, only through Agam and Papa.
  2. I was a very very bad girl in terms of my health resolutions. I regained a lot of weight between January and December 😦
  3. Agam was diagnosed with a silly dental annoyance. I hate it because he does not eat lamb as much anymore.

I always manage to outweigh my yays against the nays. I hope I continue do so in 2013 as well.

Alright, the plane is here. Gotta go now.. see you on the other side… in 2013.

Hello London! I have waited a while …!

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