Diwali Prayer 2012

Agam and I don’t pray the traditional way. We don’t know how to do it. Simply said when our parents prayed, we eyed the mithais and the fruits and waited for the pooja to be over so we could grab the goodies asap. So we do our “own” thing. We look at God and speak to him as if he is a human. We end up with some very interesting prayers some times. I wish I could go back and capture some of them. 
Below is what I came up with today as I lit the incense stick to mark the beginning of this auspicious day.

May this festival of lights, illuminate our lives with lumens of joy, happiness, mutual respect, affection for each other, warmth in our conversations, truth in our speech and determination in our actions. 

May we be honest in our interactions, emotions and thinking. May we help those who are in need and enable them to help others. May we simplify our lives and those of others. May we contribute our bit in maintaining balance in the world. May we love without boundaries, act without judgment and share without distinction.

Last Diwali, we had wished that we celebrate the next one at our own place. Our wish came true. But not because we asked for it. But because we worked towards it. May we work towards all our wishes with equal vigour and diligence. 

Diwali is not just a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. It also celebrates the victory of sweets over diet and smiles over stress. The day when you keep your woes aside and indulge in the joys of  unlimited kaju katlis, halwas and ras malais 🙂

Happy Diwali

3 thoughts on “Diwali Prayer 2012

  1. Nice prayer.

    Every time I go a temple, I never know what to ask for standing there. And almost immediately after I close my eyes, I remember all the effort it took to get this glimpse of the idol and open them. In the end, I always ask him to bestow peace in everyone’s heart. Sounds like a simple one line wish, but too much work for him if he really listens to me, I’m kinda wicked, aren't I? 😉


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