Go Vote!

The New Yorker recently announced its endorsement for Obama. I guess it is high time I did the same ;). The final presidential debate just ended and I am here at my desk, prepared to tell you why you should vote for Obama. (Psst.. most of the people reading this probably cannot even vote as yet. But that is besides the point.)

Why Obama?

Coz he is a good man. How many deserving men have you come across in your lifetime? I am a woman. And men are apparently at their very best in front of folks of my gender. And yet I can count on my one hand, the number of men I consider “good men”.

Obama is the good man who says “good job” to the debate moderator, after the debate is over. (No I am not talking about thanking the moderator as a preface to the closing remarks. This is a separate thank you and a “good job” that does not make its way to the microphone.)

He is the good man who reminded the world and not just one nation, that change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. He is not just a leader that US seeks. He is a world leader. And I am confident that regardless of the results of this election, this good man will find a way to make this world a better place. Because leaders like him don’t need a position of power to do what must be done. Such men don’t trick you. They give you the bad news with a straight face and tell you that if you continue walking on the right path, success will come.

He is the good man who gets angry when a trickster tries to politicize the death of an innocent American ambassador. His anger is believable. He is the good man who reminds us time and again that America is not at war against Islam. The war is and has always been against Al Qaeda. He does not capitalize on the confusion. He clarifies it. And by doing that he helps us become better humans. His conviction has strengthened us, and his vision has led us, to a better America.

He has faltered and he accepts it (Solyndra). He is methodical and he takes pride in it (Afghanistan). He is logical and he reasons with you. His rhetoric has conviction. He is like the father who tells his child, “Listen kid. You just did not prepare enough for this. Now own up to it and let’s work on this together.” He rolls up his sleeves and blends in with the crowd. He sees our problems from our point of view, not just from the lens of a policy maker.

But unfortunately good men don’t win elections. Good men do good things. Politics is not about doing good things. Yet I say vote for Obama. For if you don’t, you will lose the one choice that you have to make politics work in your favor.

I cannot vote in this country. I am far from being a citizen of this nation. But I am who I am because of this country. This country where meritocracy rules and it really doesn’t matter whose son or daughter you are. It is the country that elected Obama four years ago on the basis of his merit. And it is the same merit that will bring him back again, for yet another four years.

Go Vote!!

No I was not paid for this. Although I wish I could write for Obama’s debates. No I did not donate a single penny to the Obama campaign. This is my bit. This is my vote for the man who must win, for us to win, as a country, and as humans.

God Bless Obama and God Bless America!

2 thoughts on “Go Vote!

  1. And the nation echoed with our voice! 🙂

    The other thing this couple has that most lack is conviction, they are full of it (or so it seems). All the other POTUS and FLOTUS felt so fake, as if they just fulfilled the socio-political rituals as necessary. But you can tell these people are actually still genuinely in love- they have a certain chemistry, and a hell lot of respect for each other. And their speech is believable- they tell their life stories with a certain conviction and empathy- and bingo! people connect! 🙂


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