Lend me your innocence

My innocence was ripped off my future too soon
The flowers of spring were just beginning to bloom
I wasn’t ready for it to be true
That our moments together were going to be counted, and so few

I wanted the charmer to see the charmed
He had shared with his offspring his mannerisms and his calm
Why was the tune cut mid way so soon?
Why were my happy memories baked before noon?

I am bereft of any emotion, a child can experience
To see your creator die, and strive in resilience
I was as dry as an old well for past two years
It is only now that I can write and describe him those fears

Words are my medium to share my fears with him
Bare with me, I am a fatherless child, and it is all too new to sink in
I might have been brave and fearless before
But right now I am not just bruised, I am stabbed at the core

Was he then an instrument and will I be one?
To show the world that it can be done
You can be a saint, under a worldly skin
Since he taught us all, let me wash him a sin

A sin to leave his loved ones behind too soon
Leaving two little granddaughters that look for him in the moon
What was the hurry? Was there some pain?
Lots of memories and a few questions remain.

I didn’t see his face when they took him away
I came from my other life, the very next day
I couldn’t have seen him going. I don’t think I would have let him go
I am writing it down now, just so he will know

I’ve imagined him going and wondered each night
If he remembered me before he took the flight
No signs of discomfort, no pains did he show
He just sailed above us all, and we did not even know

I have pictured it all in this small mind of mine
The event that led him to meet the divine
I pictured him going, a peaceful ascent
Out of the body, away, to explore and to invent

Wrapped up in a red cloth, mere ash and some bones
I went with him to the river, and let him flow away, without any sigh or moans
And I wondered when some day I shall join him there
Some place where there is perhaps some time for care

I saw him go joyfully with the flow of the river
The air was still, and yet I experienced a shiver
That was when I bid him my worldly good-bye
But, I stood there convinced that this was all a lie

The lie I was not yet ready to comprehend
The lie that has turned into a fact in the end
Our moments were limited, and counted, and few
And that is all that I know to be true

I have seen a little too much for my age
And even though I had some role to play, the curtains went down midway, while I was on stage
So now I am a mere spectator
Still trying to understand the conspicuous workings of this worldly theatre

You only learn when it happens to you
Until then enjoy as your moments are few
Spend time with your loved ones and tell them that you care
And lend me your innocence, if you have some to spare.

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