Brown Rice Pulao

Agam and I are back on our Fat Smash Diet. It is nothing fancy, just a phased diet program that cleanses you over several weeks. We did this last time from October – mid January and really enjoyed the light feeling we experienced after doing it. Not a great weight loss program, since it does not restrict your quantities, but definitely boosts over all health.

So as part of the program, we are on NO meat and NO carbs regime for 9 days. It is not that tough, especially if you cook at home. The diet has also helped me get back to my kitchen and make more creative things that can please the palette and the diet gods 🙂
So last night I made brown rice pulao, and we really enjoyed it. It was a like a plate full of goodness.. Here is what went into it
1 cup brown rice – I use the brown rice medley from Trader Joes
Cauliflower Florets – medium size 1 Cup (or more if you like it)
Fresh Carrots – Diced into small bitable chunks ( 1cup)
Soybean Nuggets from Ruchi
Green Peas – 1 Cup
Onion – 1 medium – sliced
Freshly grated ginger – 2 tbsp
Freshly chopped garlic – 1 tbsp
Salt – as per your taste
Cloves/Black Pepper/Cinnamon – 5-6 Whole
Garam Masala – a pinch
Jeera – 1 tsp
Prep Work
Soak the brown rice for lil over 3 hours. This will make it cook faster
Heat a pot of water and add some salt to it. Once the water turns to boiling, add the Soybean nuggets. Let them soak in the water and get soft as a sponge. Drain out the water and keep the nuggets aside.
Basically start with oil, heat it up in a big pan, add jeera, whole peppercorns, cloves and Cinnamon, let it all splutter. 
Now add Onions and sautee. Add ginger and garlic, along with a pinch of salt, and cook the onions till they are little pink. Add some garam masala. 
Now add carrots and cook them with the onions, add cauliflower florets next. Then add the peas.
After the veggies have cooked for 2-3 min, add soybean nuggets and cook under steam for 3-4 minutes. 
Now add the soaked brown rice to this. Add salt to taste. Mix the contents thoroughly. Add enough water that covers the contents.
Leave the vessel half covered and let the rice cook with the veggies. Stir seldom to move the rice around.
And in another 20 minutes your rice pulao is ready. 

You can add a lot of goodness to this, including dried cranberries, some nuts or even green beans. Take your pick.

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