Shades of grey…

They are always there
In an old friend you thought was just like you
In a leader you always knew to be right
In a partner you always sought that was just for you
In an opinion for which you even put up a fight
In a smile that you always knew to be true …
these shades of grey are always with you

Is the world that we live in all that grey?
Should I discard my buckets of black and white?
But what shall I stand for in life if I ever do
mix all these colors to turn them into one big grey.

Grey is but a compromise
I’d rather have it all black or all white
But who cares about how I like my world
You all are busy creating your very own shade of grey.

Grey is also the color of the sky,
and those days are not the ones I look forward to.
Sometimes moods also happen to be grey,
I just prefer to call them the days when I am feeling blue

Then why does everyone ask me to see the grey in everything?
There is nothing definite about this grey
Did someone ever define how much white and how much black make a grey?
I guess no one bothered, and thus we have these listless shades of grey

I’ve seen enough grey myself, if only unwillingly I must add.
It creeps up to me every now and then and paints me black, or rather grey
With all my courage and all my might
I fight it out and bring back my buckets of black and white,
But then slowly over time, just like everyone else, I end up making just another, perhaps a better, shade of grey

4 thoughts on “Shades of grey…

  1. I am with you on this one…I like buckets of black or white…not grey! Grey is a grey area I despise. Grey also reminds me that this world is not perfect or pure. Fortunately, the one thing that's perfect (not grey) is one's parents' love for them.


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