Cooking Mumbo Jumbo

Yes I have been baking practically every weekend now. But the idea behind this is to not only try out new recipes, but try it out with healthier substitutes. We all know about Splenda, Agave nectar, and honey has good subs for sugar. But there are some more ways to drop off calories from your baked goodies – Apple Sauce and Greek Yogurt top that list. Also whole wheat flour instead of All Purpose is another good way add some fiber. There are plenty of recipes on the internet that you can search for that use these healthier ingredients.

Some of the other awesomeness I am indulging in these days, is making soups. I love making soups since they are simple and light dinner options. I recently made chicken pot pie that turned out quite good as well. A key ingredient in soups is the broth, and after many years of saying NO to bouillons, I gave in. I use vegetable and chicken bouillons from Knorr these days and it really makes it so convenient make a good pot of soup.

Also if you have Trader Joe’s close by, do look up some nice banana bread mixes and whole wheat pancake mix there. They have an amazing variety of gluten free fix as well. My rules of cooking are simple – if you can get it ready made and it does not hurt your stomach, weight and wallet, then don’t waste time making it. It is not worth your time and diligence. But that’s just me.

 I have been lazy all this while and hence not been sharing recipes. But here are some of the pics from my latest cooking ventures. Send a note if you want recipes. 

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