Books vs Books

It had been a while since I had held a real book in my hands. And so on our way back from groceries and other errands, Agam and I took a bookshop break. I love how we have our own preferences when it comes to where to buy books and yet as luck may have it, there is a nook in downtown Mountain View that serves both of ours desires. I like browsing at Books Inc. The store owner is a warm and loving old lady who always wears a charming smile. Agam on the other hand likes browsing at the used books store next door. I have nothing against used books. I just don’t like reading them. Simply said, I don’t like a book that has changed many hands because I never feel that is really mine. It carries the smell, emotions and sometimes expressions of all those who have read it. Anyways, the good thing is that these two stores are right next to each other, making it convenient for both of us to browse to our heart’s content.

As I was browsing books at Books Inc. today, I felt a weird sense of melancholia. I realized how little I have read. How much more there is out there to read, experience and absorb! I also realized how limited I have been in my reading, focusing on a limited set of topics that interest me. It was then that I decided to gift myself three random books for my birthday. 

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman: Twenty-four Stories is the first one. I have only heard of Murukami from Agam. And I think someone did post a comment on this blog related to him. Regardless, I read the first story and I was surprisingly charmed by the style of writing. I also picked up a novel by Ann Patchett, Bel Canto. Again, I have only heard of Ann and have not read anything else by her. And third, I picked up Martha Stewart’s light cooking. It has recipes by season. Now how cool is that!

Looking forward to reading these on my train rides. 

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