There is just so much to write about.. where do I start. Ok here it is. This is not in any order of preference, relevance or importance.
I loved the Coldplay concert and bought Mylo Xyloto – worth every dime.
We are all set in our new home. All rooms are ready and we are LOVING it.
I quit consulting, for good.
I am very very excited about my next step. It is almost unnerving. I want to start ASAP.
I feel like a child who is now going to join a new school, since her parents moved cities. She is nervous and yet thrilled about making new friends and creating a new world of possibilities.
I loved consulting. I loved it too much and when you love something too much, you sometimes want it to be perfect. And if it is not perfect, you feel disappointed. Something like that happened to me. Much more than that happened actually. For one, I changed as a person. Agam is right. We change.
At last, it took me 19 months to fulfill a goal that I had set for myself. It was more of a promise to a departed soul. I promised him or his spirit perhaps, that I will rearrange my priorities and spend time with people that matter to me.  Oh well, this one is for him.
Lastly, I need to head back to the gym now. Things are getting out of control J


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