I made an important decision today. I think it will be tough to forget this one. May be I am again underestimating my temperament by saying that. But I have not said No to growth opportunities in the past.
It is the first time that I wanted something real bad and I got it. But when I had it, it didn’t seem good enough.  Not because I had over valued it. But because I aspired for it when I was someone other than whom I have become today. I don’t want the same things from my life which I had once craved for. We all evolve over time.
I know someone who called it domestication of the wondering soul. But I don’t want to call it anything else, but life.
Life is nothing more than just a sequence of choices that we make in a period of time.  I made one that will help me stay on course for the goals that I have set for myself in the foreseeable future.  I did not succumb to my constraints; I simply looked beyond the curve. And honestly, I am glad I could.
Sometimes it is nice to know that you are wanted, and that you could have had it, if you wanted to. It is enough  to know that life did offer you choices. And that you have made the one that seemed right, at least for now.
The way I see it, I let go of one type of thrill to welcome another type of thrill.  In the end my life is still thrilling! Isn’t that what it is all about?
I wonder!

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