First from the new place…

This morning I came over to our new home to spend some time with our paint contractor Choo. But the sun soaked patio was so tempting, that I stayed back, and here I am in our backyard, using Google Wi-Fi and writing my first blog post from 148 Granada Drive. It all still feels like a dream!  
Over the years I have developed many bad habits. A cup of coffee to kick start my day is my favorite one. My second favorite is to look for a good piece of writing before starting work. It should be simple, honest and preferably inconclusive. It should not be discursive or pretentious. A piece of writing that leaves some space for me to dream or explore, depending on the topic.
Most mornings I spend at least 20 minutes looking for the right piece. I have discovered some sources over the years that never disappoint me. And some I pick up from conversations with my father-in-law. And then there are days when I get up and the first thing I pick is the perfect read. It is as if the universe conspired to pick the right thing to present to me, first things this morning. And when this happens, I know the day is going to be just perfect.
Today was one of those days. A perfect read, a sumptuous breakfast, an indulgent stroll down to the farmer’s market, a quick shopping trip to buy some kitchenware and finally a few hours in my new backyard! This day has already redeemed itself for me. Whatever happens next is just a bonus!

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