Adding to the already long list of “wana be” sites that are craving the time and attention of us ill focused souls, here comes Pinterest. Pin what? Pin your interest. But who cares about what interests me?  Well you might be wrong. There are companies who pay a lot of money to extract information from your browsing behavior and buying behavior, just so they know what you like. So what interests you is of value to many. Huh! So now our interests are also valued?!

Pinterest has an all inclusive business model. It is clear that they want to attract people who want to drive traffic to their sites – primarily the Etsy artisans and the healthy recipe bloggers and others in that genre. And at the same time, the Pottery Barns’s and the Crate and Barrel’s may as well scan Pinterest and identify what people like and try to push these ‘interesting’ products to the intended audience. Perhaps, sites like Joss and Main and One Kings Lane will also scan Pinterest, and make the most pinned items available at discounted prices for us buyers. So it has something for all of us that are a part of this value chain.
As I pinned my favorite home décor items on last night (Agam was working late, and I had nothing better to do), I realized that at a very basic level, this site is all about cultivating desires. You browse for things you like, you pin things, you remember them, you dream about them, you talk about them, and then you go and buy them. Desires were one of the few things left private in the open world that we live in. Through Pinterest, we even lost our desires to social.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not a critic of Pinterest. In fact I am quite a big fan. But it is important to know what you sign up for, when you request that Pinterest invite from your friends.

2 thoughts on “Pin-Interest

  1. Been in love with it. Been pinning mostly home decor ideas/styles & recipes.

    Do check out my boards. Might be of some help 🙂 – Swati Seth


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