we are moving!

It was only a few weeks ago that I was telling you all about our home buying experience. So much has happened since then. Well for one, we found a home we love. And we are willing to spend a considerable amount of our growing up years in it. We love that it is less than two miles to Google, a little over two miles to the Shoreline Lake and less than a mile to downtown Mountain View.  It is exactly 0.4 miles to our favorite restaurant in Bay area, Shanna Thai, and 0.6 miles to our most frequented coffee shop, Neto. It is 0.8 miles to my hair salon and 2.9 miles from our current home. Yup you got it right; we wanted a very high walking score for our house. And bingo we got it J

It was a three week process for us. Two weeks of dedicated search and one week of paper work. The loan approval just came in and we are all set to close. What made this process so much simpler for us is that we knew what we wanted and were willing to pay a price for it. It did not matter to me if I got the stainless steel appliances, as long as I can sit in my backyard on a sunny day and sip chai with my husband, without other people’s windows looking into our nook.  We wanted a townhome, a corner unit, in Mountain View and we wanted it before April 15th.
We will have possession of the house by next month and we will move in to our nest by mid-April. It all feels like a dream. Agam and I are home dwellers. We love travel, but we don’t necessarily like to be out of the house doing things. Neither of us is athletic, nor do we have a large social circle. Simply said, we love dwelling in our cozy nook and enjoy each other’s company and at times each other’s silence. So for people like us, a cozy home is a must have.
I obviously love the process of picking the themes and color schemes for the living room and the dining area and the library. Sigh! A library!!!!!! Now let us pause here and breathe. And picture this – a room full of books, with a rocking chair and a rug in the center. Soft focus reading lights and a door that says – “We are living other lives. Come back later.” I am a such a dreamer.
Agam plans to have a wood workshop in the garage. We will see when he gets to it. But now that there is a garage, I do not mind his eccentricities. I hope he makes that trellis he has been promising me for over a year now. I plan to have some bougainvillea in my patio. And it will need one to grow along. May be he can even make the board I want to put on the library door 😛
For now, we are eagerly waiting for April when we can start living some dreams and get back to weaving some more. Wish us luck J

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