coming back to life..

The bout of silence once again welcomes me back to the US.  From the noisy, rushed, chaotic, cluttered and yet enjoyable environment in Delhi, to the quiet and serene surroundings of Mountain View – the difference is stark and bold. It is almost like someone has cut my ears off. And although I cannot hear anymore through my ears. I am hearing voices in my head.  These voices are resonating love, affection, concern, care, joy, exuberance and anxiety.
It is very unsettling to leave so much love behind and come live in a void of self-absorption. Of course it is a conscious choice. Yet, it is disturbing, at least in the beginning.
I have just come back and nostalgia isn’t leaving me alone as yet. We had a whirlwind trip (US ->Delhi ->Guwahati ->Delhi->Cochin->Delhi ->US) and yet I have come back relaxed and grounded.  We enjoyed undivided and uninterrupted attention of our families, attended a beautiful Assamese wedding, met some really warm and affectionate people, witnessed the magic of God’s own country, gathered some great reading recommendations, chatted our heart away to friends and family members, discussed the latest and greatest in fashion, politics and current affairs and enjoyed the delicacies from Assam, Delhi and Kerala to our heart’s delight.
More to come..
·         Travelogue on Kumarakom, Kerala

3 thoughts on “coming back to life..

  1. Shivi: Having visited and come back from India not too long ago, your write-up made me feel like you entered my mind, read it and penned it verbatim!

    Gosh, the unconditional love and kindness leaves you with a heartache when you enter this part of world. The world where self-proclaimed independence is regarded not just as a choice, but as a value as well. Not sure if it all makes sense, but we sure make those choices nevertheless.

    I could go on and on, but I am afraid I might waste your precious blog space with the senescent rambling… 🙂

    Enjoyed your thought!


  2. @Shalini, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts..The blog space is for sharing, I crave to hear these rambles.. so keep pouring 🙂

    @Uday – will definitely look up. Thanks


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