2011 – In Pictures

The year started slow for us. We had just returned from India in November and we were still trying to find the balance in our routine. I was mostly buried in work and weekends were all I had to nurture my passions. And so one of the fortunate weekends I mastered the art of making mutton biryani. Hot and steaming biryani in the January chill was our first 2011 delight.
As February unfolded, we were still low in spirits. I was mostly lost in my father’s memories and the shock from his transition began to manifest into various forms of creativity. One of them being this video that I put togther for him. How a bunch of flowers turned into a commemoration for my father – is still unknown to me. But I know it started with Agam replaying the scene from Lion King where Rafiki shows Simba his own reflection in water and says , “he lives in you”.


Slowly spring entered our lives and we enjoyed our first day trip to California Academy of Science. It was a refreshing experience connecting back with things we love – astronomy, rain forests and dinosaurs. The child in us was happy and we loved our picnic in the Golden Gate park. Spring is my favorite time of the the year. It served as a turning point for us in 2011.
My travel instincts returned and I frivolously started planning weekend getaways. We started with Yosemite National Park. It was a wonderful drive to the park along the Merced river and a very comfortable stay in the lodge at the falls. We loved Yosemite.
In May we packed our bags yet again and left for a trip down the northern pacific coast. Our destination was Mendocino. A short weekend getaway in a cozy little cottage, was just what we needed to rewind.
Then came Memorial Day, and Damu came to visit us here in the bay area. I met her after six years. She is still the same. We had an amazing time driving down the south pacific coastline. 
June is for anniversaries. And so I made surprise reservation at Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay for our first anniversary. A perfect surprise with the perfect husband.
Then around end of June and we started packing our bags for Paris. A long awaited dream finally came true. I love Paris. I wish I was born there.
After Paris , we went to India and had a fabulous time with our families.
For Labor Day I decided to head North East and visited my cousin and Damu. I hopped in and out of NY, NJ and Connecticut. It was great connecting with Damu again and we enjoyed a lovely getaway in Mystic and a wild night in NY.

In September Agam’s friends visited us from India. So we all went to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. Amazing weather, beautiful landscapes and a very good company.
Now it was time for Hawaii. We picked Big Island and loved our choice. The highlight of the trip was a tour of Mauna Kea and the beautiful sunset that we witnessed on the night of Thanksgiving.
And lastly in December it was time for more indulgence. So we headed to Napa for a short getaway and indulged in fine wine, jazz music and divine food.
I believe life is all that happens in between one vacation and the other. It is like a relay race. You just run enough to make it to your next vacation and then you get your breather and then you resume the race.. just to make it to the next destination.
The year 2011 was all about TRAVEL for the Brahma-Khullar family. 
I am yet to find a theme for 2012. (Too many competing choices). Stay tuned.. the fun is yet to begin.

4 thoughts on “2011 – In Pictures

  1. looks like a good year
    wish I could have weekend trips…guess thats the best part of US…you have soo many options to travel around
    Next when you go home….take a stop-over at Singapore and visit us


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