It felt "nice"

To see your content published somewhere other than your own blog, is a very nice feeling. I cannot find a word better than “nice” at this point. And believe me: I have been looking for a better word.  But every time I think of this tiny little achievement, I end up in a sigh and the word ‘nice’ escapes my lips.

It does not matter how many people read this magazine. It does not even matter if anyone liked my illustrations of Paris. What matters is that I stepped outside my comfort zone and reached out to the editor, offered my content and made sure that I delivered it as I had promised.  The dream that I have harbored in my heart went out sailing in the lagoon nearby.  It saw the light of day for the first time. And I think it enjoyed it.

You need to embark on short yet fulfilling journeys to follow your passion.  These experiences give you momentum to move forward. What else is left of our lives, if we let our passions die?
The article was published in print on Dec 8, 2011. Agam brought the copy home on Thursday night and we celebrated with a dinner and some wine.
The online article was published on Dec 21, 2011
Here’s a toast to many more such articles. I hope the dream sails far and wide and finally reaches the destination that it has set for itself.

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