December themes

There hasn’t been any time to write.. but here are some themes that need to be written about

  1. my first ever published article in India Currents. The feeling to see your words in print. 
  2. my first ever local stint in consulting. The game of balancing work form 8:00am – 9:00pm and then come home and cook/find food 😛
  3. another getaway planned this weekend – this one is for indulgence. We leave for Napa on Friday late evening and come back Sunday
  4. my stint with Zumba, PIYO and Pilates – the new gym membership and the struggle to keep up
  5. preps for THE INDIA trip 🙂 Looking forward to spend time with my naughty nieces, attend a much awaited family wedding and relax in Kerala with family
So … as you can read, lots to write about. But not finding enough time.. Sigh !

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