It is that time of the year again..


  • – Starbucks brings out its red coffee cups and 
  •   holiday feeling starts to show wherever you 
  •   go.
  • – Bay Area trees turn brown and the fall 
  •   suddenly descends upon us.
  • – Rain does not seem to stop. But sun still  
  •   manages to shine.
  • – It becomes difficult to get up in morning because the comfort of the quilt is just too much to give up.
  • – Holiday Music and Christmas Carols in the malls drives you nuts.
  • – Hot chocolate and Eggnog taste divine and you feel like sipping something hot down your throat all        
  •   the time. (Psst… it also keeps your hands warm)
  • – Holiday parties at work keep you busy
  • – All the Little Black Dresses come out
  • – It gets dark at 6:00pm
  • – Shopping takes a whole new dimension
  • – Travel becomes a pain because everyone is traveling
  • – Silk Scarves become fashionable and Pashmina Stoles become a must
  • – Hot Indian Tea with cardamom and spices becomes a delight
  • – You fill your pocket with Cashews and Almonds before you head outside
  • – Work slows down because there are project shut downs and engineers leave for India 😉
  • – And… you start looking forward to bid adieu to the year that was, and welcome the new year, in 
  •   just a few months

The spirit of the Holiday season is so intense in US, that it forces you to join the fun and be a part of this two month long carnival that leads up to Christmas and then the New Year.  I love November and December. These months capture the true spirit of life – Celebration !
On my list for the remaining eight weeks are exams, event planning, AOL practice, vacations, getaways, parties, shopping, studying, more shopping, and preparations for the next trip to India. 
Enjoy the Holiday Season !

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