Self Ambush

It strikes you when you least expect. After a long day of training I felt a little bit good about life. I recently achieved a milestone  I had set for myself at work and I am pretty excited about it. I had also set a tiny little personal milestone and Agam and I are together making it work. I think I have reached a third of the target. Still a long way to go, but we will get there.  And so I thought it was one of the days that is a testament to the age old saying , “life moves on.”
Agam and I had planned a date night with Thai tonight and when he got home this evening, I was ready to leave. In the memory of Late Jagjit Singh, I chose a playlist of his songs on Saavn.  The song changed and this is what played – I told Agam how much I loved this song when this movie had come out.  And I don’t remember much after that. All I do remember is that with each verse of this song, my tears kept rolling on and on and on.  It has some very touchy lyrics. 
Ek aah bhari hogi hamne na suni hogi
Jaate jaate tumne awaaz to di hogi
Har waqt yehi hai gham, us waqt kaha the hum
Kaha tum chale gaye
As I said, it strikes when you least expect. And in a moment you melt and it feels as fresh as it felt a year ago. It is not tears that I fight anymore. It is the vulnerability.
That’s it for now. My notes on Microsoft OneNote in a few days.

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