About writing..

It is a very nice feeling when people tell you that they relate to your writing. I write because I think too much. And I don’t want to discount my thinking by allowing my thoughts to drift away and go undocumented. I write because that is how I clean up the corners of my mind.  People do meditation, they work out, they cook, they take up dancing – I just write.
I write for myself. I write so I can read these thoughts at a later point in life. I like to read my old posts and laugh at how immature or insecure I was. It helps me reflect on what I was and what I have become and gives me confidence that I can nurture myself to be someone better.  I have been blogging since 2005, and I have archived every detail since then in the cloud. But instead of making this about me, I want to write about people who come to my blog and leave a note of reflection.
 People, who don’t just come and browse, catch up on gossip in my life and leave. They come and reflect on their own lives through my posts. There are also a bunch who might not leave a note on the blog, but send me an email, a Facebook message or +1 my posts. About people who tell me directly what these words mean to them and how they live each moment with me, as they read my posts.  
This is not a thank you note by any means. I think these simple acts reveal a lot about who you are. You have no fear in communicating your thoughts. You don’t hesitate in engaging in this virtual dialogue – about your life and mine. You don’t hesitate in appreciating someone or for that matter critiquing someone’s work or habits. You are honest with yourself. You don’t act in stealth, but in open. You don’t read and move on; you ponder. You don’t simply take from people’s lives, you also give.
Some folks are shy about voicing their thoughts on an open platform, and some think they might get sued for commenting on the world around them. Some people think they cannot find anything appropriate to comment, and some feel they might be invading someone’s privacy by commenting on their posts. Whatever be the reason, I feel that there is lots of learn from each other.  And blogs are a great way to go about it. It used to be uncommon to write in public about the fears and jubilations that we experience. But not anymore. We live in an open world where we share open networks and open relationships. It is time we accept that as a way of life.
Often in my blogger’s regret phase, I think about taking the blog private. But I fight myself out of this notion, and bring it back up. Why should I hide something from anyone? Stealth breeds fear. Open dialogue builds confidence and also a certain commitment to yourself. If you start thinking about who is going to read this and what they will interpret out of it – you will begin to write a story that the world wants to read. This is my story as I experience it. I have no audience but myself and I have no motif but my growth.  

2 thoughts on “About writing..

  1. I can only agree to what you've written. For me blogs are little personal as well even though they are on the world wide web 🙂 My blogs hold a deep sentimental value to me, jst like all the other things in my life which are close to my heart….

    You've got a great flair for writing and I like your simple and lucid style, hence i connect.

    Keep writing dearie!


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