Apple Rant #1

To all my dear Googlers and non Googlers, here comes my first rant for Apple (iPhone). Yes let’s drink to that tonight!

 As some of you know I recently renewed my AT&T contract that traps me into another two years of lousy service. Not only that, up until last night I thought I had also been trapped into two years of a lousy hardware. Yup that’s iPhone 4 for me.

I got the phone on Monday and since then I am yet to complete a single call that does not drop. Things will change today onwards since I finally got the damn bumper to go with it. But I got tired of explaining to people on the phone, “let me call you from a landline, I just switched to iPhone 4.”

Now about the bumper – Apple (to save them from bad press) gave the bumpers free with the iPhone 4 for the first six months.  Fabulous! So did the defect get fixed and hence the users that get the phone after the prime six months don’t need a bumper? The answer is NO. The lagging users need to spend their own dime – and keep in mind it’s not a dime but $35, to make this piece of junk work.

So I shell out $250 bucks to get something that simply does not work and then I spend another $35 to make it marginally functional. You must be kidding me. For all those people excited about flash light in the camera, you must love your blue tainted pictures, don’t you?

May be the phone works with the bumper. In fact it is also easier to hold the phone with the bumper on it. But that’s not what Apple stands for. It is synonymous with ease of use, not user abuse.

So, I am enslaved to this device and the lousy service that comes with it for the next two years. But I will seriously evaluate all options next time I pick a phone.

Your’s truly,
an ex- Apple enthusiast

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