Tour de Paris

I feel like a drifter; floating in space, time and memories.  Perhaps it is the result of a strange jet lag, or may be the hangover from an awesome vacation. Vacations are such a great idea. And the time and energy spent in planning them is all so worth it.
While walking on the cobbled streets of Paris, you will brush across high end fashion stores, quaint old book shops, charming churches, architectural splendors, lush green gardens, cafes full of patrons, and brasseries oozing with class and style. The French are an interesting crowd. They spend their weekends lounging in the gardens by the fountains, or partying in open on quays of Seine. Something that does not come naturally to us Indians. The free spirit of the Parisians is something to envy. I wish I was born French 🙂 
I loved Paris just like I loved NY, at first sight. We were in Paris for six days and left saying, we will be back, and next time, we will stay a month.On the top of my action items is to complete a travelogue on Paris, before I forget the details. It is turning out to be quite long and hence shall take some time to hit the press. In fact I am playing around with some formats. It is boring to read it by Day 1 and Day 2 and so on.. So I am trying to summarize the experiences in a short posts, and the collection shall be called – Tour de Paris
More on the India trip coming up soon..

2 thoughts on “Tour de Paris

  1. Thanks for sharing that. I have made similar observations about people preferring to spend large parts of their weekends (particularly when it is sunny, which is not very often though!)outdoors, in other European cities and here in the UK too.


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