June .. is for anniversaries !

It was our first wedding anniversary last Saturday. We celebrated in indulgence and style at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay. I surprised Agam with a booking at the hotel for the night of June 4th and we both enjoyed the day at the resort, sans gadgets and other distractions. But all that while, a thought kept lingering in my mind – “what is it exactly that we are we celebrating?”

A silly statement on facebook turned out to be the actual answer to my question – we celebrated a year of commitment to each other. That’s pretty much all there is to celebrate so far. Isn’t it? I don’t fancy phrases like “celebration of love”. Of course there is love, that’s why you are married; there is more to this equation. And commitment is a big part of it. There are other variables, but commitment should stay a constant for the marriage to last.

This 26th of June, will be my mother’s first wedding anniversary without Papa. I have been thinking too much about this and I need to get it out of my system. So bear with me here. The question on my mind is – “can I still wish my Mom, a happy wedding anniversary?” The answer of course is “Yes I will”. But it took me sometime to process this thought. I am a result of this marriage that still exists. So what if one of the partners is no more in this world. I want to still thank my Mom and Dad to bring me into this world. And we should all still celebrate it. Just like we did for all these years. I want to take my Mom out for dinner, just like my Dad did. I want her to know that marriage does not end with death. It stays on. We as kids should forever celebrate our parent’s anniversary, since it is for this union that you and I are here.

Deep within – we all have these fears lingering in our mind. Some of us combat them head on, and some of us jostle within ourselves, trying to find answers to some of this randomness in life. Whatever be the means, I believe these fears must be addressed and acknowledged, else we cannot move on. And so I will celebrate my parent’s wedding anniversary, this year as well.

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