Trace Back – Mendocino

And we are back.. from another awesome weekend getaway !

It began with a LivingSocial coupon that came out a few months ago. I pounced on what seemed like a great deal for a bed-and-breakfast on Highway 1 in Mendocino. But I soon found out that I had been tricked, since the deal required a minimum two-night stay for the coupon to be valid. D’oh ! Did that mean staying an additional night in a cozy bed-and-breakfast with my husband? Such ideas are always welcome in the rather spoilt Brahma-Khullar household!

On Friday I was in SF for a All-Hands meeting and Agam joined me around 4:30. We had packed our backpacks Thursday night and stuffed Basanti’s trunk with our stuff. We escaped San Francisco traffic, and hit the highway by around 5:30. Remember the Subway here is the only decent place to eat before you hit the highway. We decided to take Hwy 1 on our way in.

The drive was long, but with Basanti, life is good. I almost felt like I was playing a symphony and not driving a car. We stopped on the way, just to see the sun go down. It was so cold outside that we decided to enjoy it from behind the windshield. Soon after sunset, the night started to fall upon us and we got anxious to reach the Inn as fast as we could. We reached the Inn at 9:30pm. It did take us long – perhaps the symphony delayed us a bit 😉

We checked in and were mesmerized with the peace around us. The restaurant at the Inn had already closed down. Upon asking, we were advised to look for food 2 miles north in the town of Mendocino. We unloaded the car and headed straight to the place that was suggested. Patterson’s was quite an experience. I felt like an alien in a place full of drunken hippies and enthusiastic nineteen-year-olds. We finally ordered some fish-and-chips and a chicken sandwich to go, grabbed a couple of cold Coronas and headed back to our cottage. The food was yummy and the beer was chilled. Our fancy cottage came with a Jacuzzi for two. It was a perfect way to unwind and wrap-up the day.

A good sleep led on to a fabulous morning. I was up at 7:00 am and decided to stay in bed just so I could listen to some of the birds in the area. When I woke up and opened the door to the back porch, my eyes gleamed with the joy of seeing green all around me. The little wooden deck with a rocking bench was a perfect setting for the first cup of morning coffee. After soaking some sun and reflecting on the night’s unhealthy food, I walked to open the front door, and there it was – shimmering blue – the Pacific in all its might, portraying its calm. It was a splendid view.

Breakfast was scheduled for 9:45am (lazy) and we indulged in the pastries and the omelets and the pancakes. After stuffing ourselves with food we headed to explore the trail to the Schoolhouse creek. It was a small and easy hike down to the creek. The best part of the hike was the gushing sound of water. A little walk away, a hammock under a tall tree was a perfect break to sit back and relax.

The Buckhorn Cove, close to the Inn is an overrated sight. If you enjoyed the coves in La Jolla, you will turn your nose up at this one. But it was a short hike from the Inn and offered some nice views of the Pacific, not to forget an opportunity to click the wild flowers on the way.Beware of the allergies though..

Our next destination was the Mendocino Headlands State Park. Not too much of a regular state park, but it offered spectacular views and a good hike amidst the rocks. A steep staircase took us down to the beach, and we enjoyed the weather and the water. After amusing ourselves with the sand and the waves, we hiked up the headlands and enjoyed our solitary walk along the rocky terrain.


The hike left me starving and we ate at the Mendocino Hotel. Their French onion soup was delicious. We explored the little town of Mendocino and enjoyed our time in the Gallery book shop, Ocean Quilt shop, Moody’s Organic Coffee Bar, Sallie Mac’s home store and finally grabbed a bottle of Old Vine Zinfandel from the Harvest Market. I got us an upgrade and bought some cheese and crackers to pair with the wine.

The evening was spent in wine and books and we enjoyed the evening by the fireplace. The wine was good and the company even better. Dinner was at the Pacific Tapas. I wish this place was closer to us ! The food there was splendid and the sangria paired well with it. We picked a few movies on our way back, from the Inn – Four weddings and a funeral and the Matrix. They were both in VHS ! When was the last time any of us used a VHS tape ? Sigh. Well what followed is quite embarrassing. Both Agam and I missed to notice that the movie abruptly started when we played the tape. What we thought was the beginning, was unfortunately the end and the movie finished in ten minutes. The look on our faces when we realized what had just happened – was priceless. None of us had the patience to rewind the tape and so we let it go.

The next morning was again splendid. It had rained the night before and the backyard was lush green. I heard more birds today. Perhaps my mind was now tuned into the right frequency. Coffee in the sun was followed with a sumptuous breakfast at the restaurant. That’s when I started exploring Agam’s 55-250mm lens. And needless to mention I fell in love with it. I clicked the whole morning and got some fantastic shots.


We decided to head back home around 11:30am. The feeling that the weekend was coming to an end, was creepy. So I decided that we should explore Tiburon on our way back. We had lunch at the famous Avatar’s Punjabi Burrito and drove to Point Tiburon. It was the perfect weather to be outdoors. I loved the quaint little square, bustling with energy and the aromas of cafés and ice cream parlors. After a little stroll along the water and some minor shopping, we headed back home.

It was perfect weekend getaway …

… and now on to planning the next one. Seems like Tahoe is on the cards !

For more pictures see here

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