the ultimate driving machine

After six months of debate, the verdict is out. 328i won the battle. I cannot even begin to list the contenders here. To sample the variety Agam had researched – there was Ford Fiesta, Lexus IS350, Mini Cooper S, and Nissan Leaf all fighting for the number one spot. But today, when the sales guy at BMW of Mountain View, took the 85 North exit on 237 at 70mph and then went from 60 to 90mph in less than a minute and finally pulled the breaks at 90mph, and the car actually halted so smooth, I knew we have a winner there.

Since the departure of my Accord, I tried to connect with the Civic. But somehow it was never the same feeling. It was a good car that took me from A to B. But that’s about it. Until I started my commute to Richmond, I always thought that driving was nothing but a pain. But my morning drives to Richmond gave me an opportunity to sit back, relax and be with myself and enjoy the drive. And that’s when I realized that to be relaxed, I need to trust the car and I started missing my Accord. So to fill up the gap that the Accord left, here comes the latest addition to the Khullar-Brahma family – our 328i.

It has enough room. It is not intimidating. It is super chic and it makes me feel safe when I am driving it. It is black, has a moon roof and the speakers are awesome.

Simply said, it is the ultimate driving machine! And this is coming from someone who started driving just two years ago. And here is my ultimate man with my ultimate machine 😀

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