Exceptional Customer Service et SPRING !

One of the reasons I did not write yesterday is that I wanted to let the plans to become concrete before I blow the horn. And if I had written yesterday, there was no way I could have restrained myself from writing about this. Damu is coming to visit me on the Memorial Day weekend. O MY GOD. After seven years I will see her and spend time with her, and bitch about college days to her, and most importantly cook for her, shop for her and make her stay ‘Oh so Special’ ! I have been waiting for this day for seven years. The last I saw her was at the railway station in Sewagram. I did not even see her clearly then since I was so busy crying. So the plans are all set. All those evil spirits that screw up Damu’s itineraries – kindly stay away!

I am happy. So very happy!

On another note, Agam and I are visiting Mendocino for a quick two night getaway. We leave Friday afternoon and come back Sunday night. The place we are staying at is apparently on the coast and very close to some of the state parks. So lots of hiking is on the cards.

Today I received an email from the Inn keeper, informing me of a Groupon that is about to be published this Saturday for a famous restaurant in Little River, the town we will be staying in. That according to me is exceptional customer service. I really like these tiny gestures that make so much difference to your experience. I am anxiously looking forward to the hospitality of the Inn

Fingers crossed for all the travels planned. This is turning out to be a great Spring!

On the work front, it is time for my favorite part of the project – Pilot and Production Cutovers ! I find so much joy in driving these plans that I am afraid, I will plan a cutover for my own delivery (whenever that is) and for that matter, for my kids weddings (when EVER that is)!

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