April 12, 2011

Today evening I made a couple of resolutions. One of them is that I will write every day. I will clean up the corners of my mind before I sleep so I can wake up to a fresh start each morning; ready to stuff the corners with new happenings, thoughts and most importantly observations.

I am super excited about the next 6 months. I am looking forward to some interesting commitments, transformations, routines and changes. It is a challenge and I am up for it. If I fail, I will learn something about myself. If I succeed, I will find new ways of discovering myself. Either ways I am the winner. It is the first time for me, when I have nothing to lose.

On another note, this month I will complete two years in bay area. The longest I have ever lived anywhere in US. What can I say – I love Northern California. It has definitely given me some time back on my clock!

And this weekend, Agam and I will be celebrating a year since Agam’s move to CA, in Yosemite. After much deliberation, we decided to simply suck up the cost and stay in the park at the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls. I am excited. Time to bring the cameras back in action.
Talk to you tomorrow..

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