People and Conversations

People – are complex. And I love listening to them. I am such a talker! But I do listen as well. Today I met two types of people. One who advised me that I have to embrace paranoia to get things done. And another who told me, that I am a non-conformist. It is easy to guess who knows me best.

Shivam does not know paranoia. She was not paranoid when her father died. She was not paranoid when she was amidst 200 people who did not know her and did not even get to know her for the four years that she spent with them. Shivam does not identify with paranoia. So she will not be paranoid when a certain person is being difficult. May be I have to fake paranoia in that case. But wait – ‘FAKE! = Shivam’

On to the non-conformist Shivam – She is not ready to settle in a defined mold. She is not going to be type-casted as a consultant, or a romanticist, or a lover of all things warm and natural. She is always finding new things about herself, and the world around her, and she is always reforming. It is like a self-correcting algorithm. She does not care about what someone says and she does not bother about perceptions and public image. She is really, in true sense of the word – non conformist.

Sometimes, you talk to people you hardly know, and you feel like you are biting into your favorite chocolate. It is sweet, rewarding and you feel contented when it is over. I had a friend who was very good at explaining things to me. In a step by step manner, he used to help me make the toughest choices in life. All I had to do was follow the steps. I probably ended up having a cocoa addiction back then. After several months (years actually) I tasted that chocolate again. It was a good day.

On another note – try talking about yourself in third person. You will fall in love with yourself 😉

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