‘Coach’ – Redefining Customer Service

I am not a spendthrift person, but there are certain things I like to possess. Such as some (read as many) Coach handbags and add to that some Burberrys as well.

A few weeks ago, while I was window-shopping at Coach, I found
something I really liked. The woman at the store observed my curiosity for this handbag and she came over to give some suggestions on colors available in the same style and yada yada. I ended up buying the bag. I observed how her demeanor was very refreshing and friendly for a high-end store like Coach. (I detest entering the LV store at Stanford Shopping Mall, because of the stone-faced reps that work there.)

Last night when I was checking my mails after a long time, I found a handwritten card from her, recollecting that she had fun help me choose my special handbag and that she thinks it will be a good change from the army of black handbags that I currently own. Obviously I had given her that piece of information while I was making the payment. It was simple splendid to hear from her and get a note tailored to my shopping experience at the store that day.

I am sure this is one of Coach’s new customer service tactics. It really impressed me. I think I will call her back at the number she provided in the letter and thank her for the gesture.

I think with such service levels, Coach is redefining customer service for retail outlets. It is not all about making that sale, it is about making a relationship with the customer, so they come back to you. Sending a note that reminds you of the pleasant experience of your purchase is a great way to create a positive brand image.

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