Family first… always

I am not getting enough time to clean my house 😦

It is a tiny little cozy abode and I love cleaning it myself. Agam probably thinks I am obsessed with cleaning it. But lately, thanks to my crazy schedule and work on the weekends, I am not getting enough time to do it.

I am home on Friday night and I leave Monday morning. In between, I have no time to care if the kitchen floor is dirty or clean. And hence I gave in and decided this morning that I need a maid.

And so I did some maid hunting. Sent emails to my girl friends in panic mode. Almost all of them replied 🙂 (love ya all for that). Loved the concern, the details and the empathy. And so I got two phone numbers.

I called both these contacts, and both women said the same thing to me, ” Oh.. The weekend! You know I don’t work weekends. On weekends I spend time with my family, you know.”

Yes I know. And I am so sorry I even asked you to leave your families and come help me so me and my family (currently limited to my husband) can live in a clean house. I do understand that you, just like me, are playing multiple roles in life. You, just like me, are a wife; moreover, you are busier than me because you are a mother.

I felt a twitch in my heart when these women in their broken English told me that they love their family just as much as I do.

For now, I think I will clean the house myself. But thank you to both Adela and Clementine for reminding me that family comes first – always.

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