Burned, then Learnt

Image Source – CartoonChurch.com

This FB status has been floating around in my FB Circle and I find it very funny and practical – “Before I criticize someone, I walk a mile in their shoes. That way, if they get angry, they are a mile away and barefoot.” J
People are always good. It is the circumstances they are in that moulds their behavior. I have always believed in this theory o’mine. And hence I always give people one chance, and in most cases more than one.
But it is discomforting to me when people I respect falter. Here are some lessons I have learnt about dealing with people in the last nine adult years of my  life

Respect people – it pays off well.

 Always be ready to LEARN
Honesty is much appreciated.

  Learn to say ‘NO’.

 Some people love to rant, and come to you with all sorts of problems. They really don’t want a solution from you. They are only looking for someone to rant to. So identify such people early in the game. And don’t waste your time coming up with innovative solutions to their never ending problems.

 If someone is being nice to you – think again. We don’t live in a world where people offer help. Don’t get fooled by the sweet talk. People are not being mean; they are just covering their ass.

 Be self sufficient.

 It is OK to say ‘I don’t know’. As long as you supplement it by saying, “But I can learn.”

Don’t trust everyone. They don’t owe you a dime.

 Don’t underestimate people.

Take a stand. And if you are right and certain, then stick to it.

Don’t wait. Move ahead… Life is short and there is a lot to accomplish. If people falter, that does not mean you become like them. Take the lead, and set an example.

1 thought on “Burned, then Learnt

  1. Hey shivi, for the fb status, dont you think, no one can actually be in your shoes and understand, probably to a certain point because life might be so different for them and you and you would look at things as life treated you and vice versa..i am not sure, sometimes i feel so but if you have any other ideas..it would be great to know diff point of view or the same would help too


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