Mom’s Mutton Curry

I miss my Mom’s kheer and mutton the most. Since there is no way I can replicate her kheer, I chose the mutton , it is simpler to make a curry for me. So here is Mom’s recipe Mutton Curry .. of course Punju style 😉 we go..

Mutton should be washed thoroughly. I took 3 pounds of mutton.

Puree 3 big onions
Puree 3 tomatoes
Chop Green Chilies

In a pressure cooker , take 2 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp Ghee

Add bay leaves , red mirchi (dry), green chilies, cloves, cardamom – green and black , cinnamon sticks and black pepper corn

Add pureed onions, 1 tbsp garlic paste and1 tbsp ginger paste.

Let the masala cook for a few minutes.

Add turmeric and let the mixture cook properly.

Now add, red mirchi powder, coriander powder, garam masala and cumin powder.

Let the masala look such that it leaves some oil.

Now add the cleaned mutton pieces and mix the pieces well with the mutton pieces. This is a long step. Don’t add any water at this point. For next 20 minutes, cook the mutton pieces in this masala and let them become tender. Mutton has its own oil and you will see the oil gets separated out after the mutton is almost cooked.

Now add, pureed tomatoes, mix it all well Add 1 cup water  and salt to taste. Close the lid and let the cooker whistle for 5-7 times.

Open when all steam is released, and let it boil (to remove any excess water) .

Add some coriander and serve it hot with rice or chapati.

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