Highs and Lows 2010

Every family has its set of cherished memories. And for us, this was the new year’s eve celebrations at Lions Club. 

My dad was the center of attraction at all club events. I distinctly remember how difficult it was for us to trace him at such events. You could always spot him talking to people, listening to people, or simply being with them. And people really liked being with him – he was a very likeable man – such as I could only wish to be. 

At these New Year parties, I was always scared that the clock would soon strike 12 and Papa wouldn’t be there with us for a family cheer and hug. But he never missed it. No matter where he was, he would make it at the right time and we all got together and welcomed the New Year with a family hug and cheer. I must confess – I cried almost every time this happened. I cried out of happiness. I cried because my fear of Papa not joining us for the family cheer on New Year’s Eve was revealed to be baseless after all. My fear has come true… He will bless us – of that I am sure. But he won’t be there. Perhaps he has already acquired another cloak and is a part of some other family’s New Year cheer – Amen to that.  

The year 2010 was such a mixed bag. It is one of those years that I cannot erase from my memory even if I want to. So just like last year, here is a list of the highs and the lows. We all know the biggest low, the lowest low – probably one that can never be matched – but it is time to be thankful for the highs.  

  • Agam and my fabulous Europe vacation that started in 2009 and blended well into 2010. Our New Year’s eve was in the Marriott in Rome, right by the Bolognese Gardens and our first day of the New Year was spent in the Vatican. A magical vacation – one that I will never forget.

  • Agam moved to California and joined Google – and thereafter life became simpler.

  • Agam and I got married; we arranged our own wedding reception. People flew in from different parts of the country – and we all rejoiced to celebrate a union that many had been waiting for.

  • D happened.

  • Harvard Leadership Essentials – my first stint with Case study model of learning. Loved it and looking forward to more of it in the coming years. Thanks to D for making this happen. I wish I could reinforce this method of teaching across all disciplines.

  • A month with my loved ones – My Dad’s departure from this world gave me the opportunity to spend a month in India with my loved ones. I am glad I could be there and share my sorrow with them. I realized how brave my Dad has made all of us. We are the brave trio – my Mom, my Sis and Me. 

  • An extended family that came just in time – my in-laws. The time I spent with Momma, PapaG and Baba in Gurgaon, will always remind me of how love can heal the deepest wound. I felt like someone planned it all to lift me from the cave of grief, and place me in this cocoon of love and warmth. I cherish the morning breakfasts, the intense conversations about the latest in the newspapers, the interesting stories, and most importantly, the never ending affection.

  • A good project with a good team. Painful commuting – but it all seems so worth it when I am on the ground. I enjoy driving teams – I enjoy sharing their pain and their jubilations. I enjoy solving issues with them and mostly I enjoy building a relationship with each one of my team members.


And the low…  

  • I lost my Dad

In the game of life, all my highs evened out against my low. But l am still thankful, for the balance that exists in our lives. May this equilibrium continue to exist !

4 thoughts on “Highs and Lows 2010

  1. love u shivi…And look u made me shed a tear again…
    U have just given words to my thoughts in your new year eve's description…had been thinking about the same for the past few days..on how papa used to just appear from the crowd to be with mommy, u and me right at 12. The child in me wishes the same today too…but i know the truth…


  2. The moment I read the title of this blog, I knew it was about your dad as the low of 2010. Shivam you are blessed for you are able to even out 2010's highs and lows! And amen to that may this equilibrium always exist.


  3. …just feel like sharing this with you…
    I realize that being without a parent in this physical world is like being in a house without it's roof!! It feels insecure! After so many years of losing my dad, I realize that eternally parents live in our hearts and are our guiding light even in that (wordly) roofless house.


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