Balancing Acts

Wow it has been so long since I wrote something here. The reasons are
plenty, but let us just talk about the happy ones. I was working insane hours and driving insane miles in insane rain. And the best part is that I will be doing this for the next six months.

I am not insane or a workaholic. But sometimes a lot of work acts like therapy for
me. I get disconnected from the social scene, emotional scene, world affairs and the likes – and start to live in a cocoon for the week – only to come out bright and sunny on the weekends.

This takes a toll on my social commitments, but if friends are real – they understand. The toll on my personal life is hard to describe.  I sometimes wonder how I would have dealt with a partner who was traveling all week. It is irrational to come back after a week and expect your partner to give all his time to you – after all he also gets just one weekend. My dear partner has been living with my crazy work schedules for almost 4 years. And I cannot be thankful enough to have married someone who understands my professional commitments.

There is a lot of thrill in starting a new project. It is like you are walking on a rocky road trying to solve a maze, and you have to turn every stone in your way, to know what lies beneath. These findings help you connect the dots and give you an overview of the project landscape you are dealing with. It is a long process of uncovering every detail of the project. And you don’t always have the time to uncover every stone, so you have to live with that feeling of – “I know there will be surprises.”

So the nature of the game as you can understand is – exploratory. And thus it is fun solving the maze. Once the road becomes clear, you start planting some seeds of your own work, and see the flowers bloom as time progresses. That is the key to happiness.

Photo Courtesy – Northern Trust
Thus , I have no reason but to be happy about this new exploration voyage I am on, and bear the cons that it comes with. I am 55 miles away from my husband , and yet I cannot drive back every night because of the crazy traffic on I-880. No matter how much I love him and how much I cherish the evenings I spend with him, my 4 hours drive everyday is not justifiable. I don’t get to speak to my Mom and Sis during the week – but I have weekends to cover up. I cannot do anything with my week nights. But thanks to the Barnes and Nobles across the street from my Marriott, I get to spend some time with books – that also occasionally.

Life is full of balancing acts – and these six months I will be practicing my skills in this area. If you are a friend and reading this – forgive me – you wont see me as often.

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