Upcoming Travels

Although we had decided to stay put for the rest of the year – I am glad we finally opted to do a rather unique trip this thanksgiving holiday. Agam has been proposing the Orient Express Holiday to me, ever since our cold and snowy days in New York. And I must admit I am very much looking forward to it – even though it is way into the future. But in the near term, the idea of taking the Coast Starlight Express from San Jose to Los Angeles/Seattle – had been coming up often and we finally decided to act on it.
Our next weekend getaway is a train trip. Given that I am so over Los Angeles, after having worked over three years in that city, LA does not excite me even a bit. So we will get off at Santa Barbara and do what I love most – being with the ocean.
We plan to board the train from San Jose Amtrak station on Thursday morning, and enjoy the scenic 7 hour train ride to Santa Barbara. A short 2-night stay in the resort town and back on Saturday by the same train. The things I am looking forward to are – Sightseer Lounge car that has floor-to-ceiling windows to watch the passing scenery, simply being in a train (we loved the time we spent traveling in the Euro Rail last winter), reading and enjoying conversations with Agam. Santa Barbara probably does not have as much to offer – but I am curious about it. It has often tingled my imagination – especially the notion of a university right on the beach.

I am glad I married someone who shares my enthusiasm for travel. Life would have been incomplete otherwise. Having exhausted all our PTO time, we cannot think about a vacation for some time to come – but this short getaway should serve us well.

There is nothing more relaxing to me than visiting a new country/city/state/town/neighbourhood and figuring out the basics of survival there. If wishes were horses, I would have galloped to a strange land – may be Budapest or Africa, and spent some time there dealing with the void my Dad has left. But as the laws of the world dictate, I have to deal with it here, amongst the known and the strangers, amidst this business of life that we all run.
Will write more about our trip, when we return.

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